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Elevating Water,
Enhancing Lives

Clarity & Connection

By the time water drips out of your faucet, it’s already lived a thousand lives. Collected from a natural source, treated in a municipal facility, and then winding and wending through miles of pipes to eventually make it to you. Clouded and convoluted with contaminants and confusion, tap water is said to be safe, but your healthy skepticism says differently. How can the water measured at the treatment plant be the same at the sink after miles of pipes?

With decades of experience and generational knowledge in water filter technology, BOROUX (pronounced bore • oh) is connecting you with the clarity that comes with filtered water. We are committed to getting water back to its most basic and unhampered-with form. Water the way it should be.

BOROUX is the connection between hydration and well-being. Water influences life, which is exactly why the quality of water matters. We’re delivering the type of water filter that provides you peace of mind. Bringing transparency to the water filter industry fits our mission to empower you. You should know what’s in your water. You should know why water quality varies. And you should know how to enhance your own water.

We know not all water is the same. We also know that you are unique. Your water and your needs should be compatible. Blanketed recommendations don’t work. Personalization does. Your water and your wellness are deeply intertwined. You deserve unmatched water filtration solutions that stand the test of time.

Our headquarters is intentionally nestled on a bluff overlooking a river, so we can regularly reflect on the power of water in its natural state. There’s a lot to learn from the dynamism of water–from the delicate dew drops on a leaf, and the rock-carving force of an infinitely repeated ripple.

Truly better water, means a truly better you.

The name, BOROUX, is a nod to crystal-clear quality. BOROUX embodies a fresh, innovative approach to water filtration, emphasizing transparency, sustainability, and simplicity. BOROUX is the clear choice for quality water.


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