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What Makes BOROUX Different?

What makes BOROUX different and, what makes BOROUX better?

In a world where water quality is an increasing concern, BOROUX emerges as a beacon of excellence, offering unparalleled benefits that elevate your hydration experience. With a focus on transparency, innovation, and reliability, BOROUX stands above the rest. Determined to set a high standard for water filtration systems.

Our BOROUX foundation filters are better and different because:

✅ Recent and verified test results
✅ Increased durability with the Stem Saver
✅ Available and reliable supply

Our BOROUX legacy Water Filter System is better and different because:

✅ Pressed stainless steel chambers to eliminate rust points from welded seams
✅ Discreet vent to prevent airlocks and less pieces to keep track of
✅ Domed one-piece lid, for a lower profile and no rust points
✅ Ceramic valve stainless steel spigot comes standard for smoother and faster flow

BOROUX is better because:

✅ Lifetime warranty and 60-day risk-free trial
✅ Transparent about testing, materials, and sourcing
✅ Helpful resources to empower you with the personalized information you need

We've taken customer feedback seriously. We’re committed to ensuring you always have a solution for filtering your water. We prioritize having filters reliably in stock, and eliminate common pain-points through intentional design. We are hyper vigilant about staying up to date on the filter industry regulations which is one way we ensure a consistent supply of black filters. We also dedicated resources to understanding how people use their water filter systems and what the common issues are, which lead to innovations like the patent-pending Stem Saver™. Most importantly, we ardently want to be transparent, something we feel is lacking for consumers. We back up our claims and prove that our filters work by providing recent, independent, verified test data.

Verified Test Results: A Testament to Excellence

At the core of BOROUX's commitment to quality lies its recent and verified test results. Pellucidity is paramount, and BOROUX proudly shares these results, showcasing the efficacy and reliability of its filtration systems. Independently tested and verified, these reports offer peace of mind, confirming that BOROUX filters effectively reduce contaminants while preserving essential minerals, ensuring that every sip of water is crisp and refreshing. [View Test Results Report here:]

Stem Saver Technology: Protecting Your Investment

Transporting, installing, and maintaining water filtration systems can be fraught with challenges, often leading to breakage and damage. Enter BOROUX's Stem Saver, a revolutionary feature designed to save the stem (clever name, right?). This food-grade, BPA-free plastic piece sits at the base of the filter to protect the stem from cracking. After gathering customer feedback we found that filters’ stems would break while installing or maintaining the filters, or when moving the system. With Stem Saver, you can trust that your BOROUX foundation filter will remain intact for years to come, providing confidence in your investment.

Available and Reliable Supply: Meeting Your Needs, Every Time

In today's fast-paced world, having access to essential resources like quality water is crucial. At BOROUX we understand this need and pride ourselves on offering an available and reliable supply of filtration solutions. While we acknowledge that opinions may vary on federal regulations, compliance is crucial for product availability and safety. Our family-run business is hyper focused on staying up-to-date on federal safety regulations and adhering to them. Communicating with you openly about order status, applicable water filter product laws, and supply procedures is important to us. BOROUX delivers, ensuring that you never have to compromise on quality or convenience. With BOROUX, you can rest assured that your hydration needs will always be met, no matter the circumstances.

Intentional Design: Solutions Meet Composition

Our design philosophy is simple; blend form and function for aesthetic appeal and proven effectiveness. The BOROUX legacy Water Filter System is a testament to a sleek look with features that enhance performance.

Deep Drawn Stainless Steel: Using Specialized Technology

The chambers are pressed, or deep drawn, from one piece of 304 AISI stainless steel. Unlike most, if not all, other systems, our system has no welded seams. This is important because with no welded seams it eliminates potential rust points. Along with the rust prevention, it also offers a more seamless, smoother appearance.

We also added a small, discreet groove or channel in the upper chamber to prevent a vacuum seal between the two chambers which blocks water flow. This built-in anti-airlock feature resolves the issue without compromising the seamless visual.

The lid is also one-piece, again eliminating potential rust points and extra parts of pieces that come with a knob. Again, we also poured over customer feedback and found that a lower profile was desired. We delivered. The dome shape with a sensible tab makes our lid, unlike any other.

A Superior Standard Spigot

Get a stainless steel spigot everytime. No need to pay extra to upgrade. Not only does our included spigot match the system’s stainless steel for a nice look, it also feels better. We’re a little embarrassed to admit how much time we spent on opening and closing spigots; testing for the smoothest feel. We debated extensively and ultimately chose the design with the best flow rate and nicest feeling. Details matter.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Our CEO has been in the water filter business for over twenty years and for all of those years customer satisfaction has ALWAYS been at the forefront. Repeatedly he encourages policies, features, and mindsets to be focused on taking care of the customer. This comes to fruition with our lifetime warranty for the stainless steel products and one-year replacement policy for filters. We know it takes a while to fully get used to and test out a product, so we chose to give you two months to trial our products. If you aren't totally satisfied, we’ll replace or refund–you choose.

Upfront and Honest

Perhaps to our detriment sometimes, we are very upfront about everything. We clearly state our filters are not intended for microorganisms; a feature we know is highly sought after. Being transparent is more important to us. From customer sentiments we know that ‘Made in the USA’ is a common desire. We’re proud to say that our black carbon filters are crafted in the U.S.! We also follow that with that plastic Stem Saver is sourced from China, something we know is sometimes less appealing. Being transparent is more important. The stainless steel pieces also come from China. We share the sentiment that being able to tout, made in the U.S.A., would be amazing, however it’s not feasible at this time. The equipment and materials are not available, nor cost effective (it would make a $300 system cost $1000--would you pay that?). Our team toured the facility ourselves and can personally attest to the high level of quality, cleanliness, fairness, and processes. The factory is extremely reputable and we do a meticulous quality check once the products arrive in Pueblo, Colorado. Transparency about where our products are made is more important than potentially losing customers. Unlike other brands that don’t disclose or mislead where their products are made.

Resources for Empowerment

We believe in simplifying the process, minimizing confusion, and eliminating complexity. Our commitment extends beyond mere assistance; it's about empowering you to make informed choices that align with your unique needs. This is what we call personalized water wellness. Our comprehensive documentation, how-to guides, and instructional videos cater to diverse customer needs and learning preferences. Offering guidance to help you maximize the benefits of our filters. Accessible information and unwavering support are the cornerstones of our service.

In conclusion, BOROUX emerges as a leader in the water filtration industry, offering unmatched benefits that enhance your hydration experience and improve your overall well-being. From verified test results that confirm efficacy to design features that enhance your investment. And, the best thing? An available and reliable supply. BOROUX sets the standard for excellence in water filtration. Elevate your hydration experience today with BOROUX and discover the transformative power of better water.


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