BOROUX legacy.™ Why Choose BOROUX?
Price $300 More value for your money with exceptional quality and peace of mind at a competitive price.
Capacity 3 Gallons The perfect size for everyday use, providing plenty of pristine water.
Dimensions 23" tall x 9" wide Sleek and modern design that elevates your kitchen.
Filter System (2) BOROUX foundation filters Long-lasting filtration with fewer replacements and lower long-term costs.
Filter Lifespan Up to 12,000 gallons Years of worry-free water without the hassle of constant maintenance.
Filtration Performance Verified to max claimed gallonage.
See Test Report.
Lab-verified results you can trust for water quality.
Warranty Lifetime on stainless steel chambers Lifetime warranty for peace of mind and investment protection.
Spigot Stainless steel with ceramic valve Durable and elegant for reliable performance and no upgrades needed.
Optional Stand $30 Customize your setup with the perfect stand for your needs and style at just $30.
Stem Saver Added protection to prevent filter breakage and extend the life of your system.
Risk-Free Trial Try with confidence for 60 days, risk-free.
Vented Chambers Effortless, consistent flow without frustrating airlocks or slow filtration.
Chamber Construction Rust-free and built to last with a seamless, one-piece stainless steel design.
Customer Support Personalized support directly from the experts.
Packaging & Materials Elevated experience with premium, eco-conscious packaging.

Your Health Journey Starts With High-Quality Water

Invest in your well-being with a BOROUX Legacy™ system and discover the difference truly pristine water can make.