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A Water Filter System to Revolutionize Home Water Filtration

Convenient, Rigorously-Tested Home Water Filtration

BOROUX, the new name in sustainable water filtration solutions, launches its latest innovation, the BOROUX legacy.™ Water Filter System. Setting a higher standard for water filtration technology. Designed to address the growing concerns surrounding water quality, delivering peace of mind to consumers by effectively reducing contaminants while preserving essential minerals. Crafted with precision and applying advanced filtration methods, this system ensures every drop of water is top-grade, making it suitable for drinking, cooking, and all household needs.

The BOROUX legacy water filter system offers exceptional water quality, unmatched longevity, and incredible value. The system includes two rigorously tested BOROUX foundation.™ filters, providing advanced water filtration for an impressive 12,000 gallons. Providing households with testing-backed results for unparalleled access to filtered, crisp, and refreshing drinking water.

"BOROUX is leading the way in personalized water wellness. We are excited to introduce the BOROUX legacy Water Filter System, a testament to our commitment to providing sustainable solutions for exceptional water," said Todd Emerson, Founder and CEO of BOROUX. "At BOROUX, we believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality drinking water, and our latest product embodies this vision by offering unparalleled filtration performance and reliability."

The BOROUX legacy features a gravity-fed, multi-stage filtration process to eliminate contaminants such as PFAs, glyphosate, DEET, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, lead, and other harmful chemicals while retaining beneficial minerals essential for overall health. This innovative system delivers the simplest form of water without compromising taste or quality.

In addition to launching the BOROUX legacy system, BOROUX also builds on its foundation water filters, comprised of a specialized blend of activated carbon exclusively to enhance municipal tap water. These premium-grade filters are meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional performance and are backed by verified performance data and ongoing rigorous testing that guarantees water quality. The testing follows National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standard procedures, ensuring the claims are verified and authenticated. In a bold move, BOROUX is testing the filters to maximum gallonage, meaning hundreds of gallons are tested for confirmed and documented proof of the longevity of the filters.

"Our foundation Water Filters are designed to complement the BOROUX legacy system, enhancing its effectiveness and extending its lifespan," added Todd Emerson, Founder and CEO of BOROUX. "Together, these products offer a comprehensive solution for households seeking reliable access to uncompromised, and refreshing water."

The BOROUX legacy Water Filter System and foundation Water Filters are available exclusively on The legacy system retails for $300 and the foundation filters retail for $140 per pair.


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