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How long do black BOROUX filters last?

When to replace the BOROUX foundation filters?

The black BOROUX foundation filters are designed to provide high-quality drinking water for extended periods. Understanding when to replace them is essential to maintain optimal performance. When you really look into how long the filters effectively reduce contaminants, you can see the incredible value of BOROUX.

Factors Influencing Filter Lifespan

The lifespan of your BOROUX foundation filters depends largely on the quality of your unique source of water. Several factors, such as usage, maintenance, and the specific contaminants present in your water, play a determining role in when to replace the filters. Key indicators that it may be time for a replacement include a reduced flow rate and changes in taste, odor, or appearance of the water. These signs suggest that the filter is becoming saturated with contaminants and may no longer be effectively filtering your water.

Determining Replacement Timing

To determine the appropriate time to replace your BOROUX filters, consider the specific contaminants in your source water and their concentrations or quantity. Our testing shows the number of gallons that a pair of BOROUX filters are effective at filtering certain contaminants. For example, our testing proves that a pair of filters effectively filters PFAS for 800 gallons (see our test report for more). If your tap water has PFAS present at 2 ug/L, you’ll want to replace your filter at 800 gallons. It's important to note that this high concentration level is used for testing purposes and is significantly higher than what is typically found in tap water. Therefore, under normal conditions, your filters will likely be effective for more gallons than indicated.

To give a practical estimate, if you consume a gallon of water per day, here's how long each filter will last:

Chlorine: 12000 gallons / 365 gallons per year = 32.88 years
Chloramines: 8000 gallons / 365 gallons per year = 21.91 years
Mercury: 1600 gallons / 365 gallons per year = 4.38 years
PFAS: 800 gallons / 365 gallons per year = 2.19 years

These estimates highlight the longevity and value of BOROUX foundation filters. It's vital to realize that every source water is different and your replacement timing may vary. For best results, replace at the shortest interval. Monitor your water quality and usage, for accurate replacement times for continued effective filtration.

Rest Assured

BOROUX offers a 60-day money-back guarantee providing you with peace of mind and assurance in the quality and reliability of our products. The black foundation filters come with one-year warranty. By replacing your filters at the recommended intervals, you can maximize their effectiveness and maintain the highest water quality standards for your household.


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