Compatible Water Systems

The BOROUX foundation.™ is designed with versatility in mind, fitting seamlessly with a range of systems. Below is a list of popular systems the filters fit in.

System Model
Berkey® Travel Berkey®
Big Berkey®
Berkey Light®
Royal Berkey®
Imperial Berkey®
Crown Berkey
AlexaPure® AlexaPure Pro®
Aquacera® Terra2
Doulton® PioneerTM SS4
Patriot Pure Patriot Pure Ultimate
ProOne® Big+
Big II
Waterdrop®  Waterdrop® King Tank

Don’t see your system listed? We’re here to help determine compatibility. Your feedback helps us expand our list of compatible systems. If you don't see your filtration system model, please send us an email at with the make, model, filter housing dimensions, and any other important specifications.