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Does BOROUX Filter Lead?

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Yes, BOROUX filters lead.

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What is Lead?

Lead is a heavy metal that occurs naturally in the Earth's crust. It has been widely used in various industrial applications, including plumbing, batteries, and paint. However, lead is a toxic substance that can have detrimental effects on human health, particularly when ingested.

How Does Lead Get into Tap Water?

Lead can enter tap water primarily through aging infrastructure, such as lead pipes, lead-based solder, and fixtures containing lead. When water passes through these materials, it can leach lead particles into the drinking water, especially if the water is corrosive or sits in the pipes for extended periods.

Why Lead Should Be Filtered?

Filtering lead from tap water is of utmost importance to safeguard public health. Lead exposure, even at low levels, can cause severe health issues, particularly in children and pregnant women. Removing lead from the drinking water supply is crucial to mitigate the potential risks associated with its consumption.

Health Risks

  • Neurological Damage: Lead exposure can cause neurodevelopmental issues, leading to learning disabilities and decreased IQ in children.
  • Behavioral and Learning Problems: Children exposed to lead may experience behavioral problems and difficulties in concentration and learning.
  • Kidney Damage: High levels of lead can impair kidney function and contribute to kidney diseases.
  • Reproductive Issues: Lead exposure can affect fertility and fetal development in pregnant women.
  • Cardiovascular Effects: Chronic exposure to lead may increase blood pressure and elevate the risk of heart disease.

How BOROUX Filters Lead

BOROUX water filtration systems use a combination of effective filtration methods to remove lead from tap water. The filtration process involves multiple stages to ensure the comprehensive removal of up to 99% of lead particles and ions. By using activated carbon filtration, ion exchange, and other proven techniques, Boroux filters effectively capture and reduce lead, providing better drinking water for consumers. Investing in a reliable filtration system like Boroux is a vital step toward reducing exposure to lead in tap water and promoting a healthier lifestyle.


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