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Storage Tips for Your BOROUX Filters

How to Store Your BOROUX Filters:

If you're not going to use your BOROUX foundation filters for a while, use these storage tips to preserve their integrity. You may stock up on extra sets of filters and not use them right away after purchase, or you may be away from home for a while and won't be using your BOROUX every day. When stored properly, the carbon filters can last for years.

1. Keep it Simple

Suppose you're only going to be gone for a weekend, even a long weekend, there's no need to do anything! Your BOROUX is fine to sit where it is. The filters are incredibly dense, so it's highly unlikely that they'll dry out in that short time. If, for some reason, you notice slower flow upon your return, try priming the filters again.

2. Use the Fridge

If you'll be gone for 7-10 days, pop your filters in the fridge. Keeping the filters in the fridge puts them in a humid environment. Remove the filters from the canister and place them in a water-retaining container, like a ziptop bag. Keep the filters moist so that you don't have to prime the filter upon your return. Just make sure that the filters can't freeze. If the filters freeze, they will permanently damage the internal structure and their filtration ability. BOROUX filters can stay in the fridge for up to 30 days. When you return, reassemble and refill your upper chamber, and enjoy!

3. Dry Out the Filters

When you're not using your BOROUX filters for an extended period of time, dry them out. Drying the filters ensures that mold doesn't occur. It usually takes 3-5 days to fully dry out; we recommend laying the filters out on a towel to dry. You can leave the filters on the counter, or once they're completely dry, put them back in their original packaging or other similar cardboard box.

4. Keep Odors Away

Carbon can hold onto odors like a disgruntled aunt can hold onto grudges--a long time. Be cognizant of where you store your filters to ensure they aren't somewhere that they could pick up less-than-pleasant smells. For example, storing in a garage, the filters may pick up petroleum odors, so then the next time you go to use your filters, they may smell like a gas station.

5. Treat Your House-sitter to Filtered Water

Hire a 'BOROUX babysitter' to come over and run water through your system every couple of days. Have them empty the lower chamber (bonus, use that water for your plants or pets) and refill the upper chamber. This keeps the filters wet and activated. There's no need to reprime when you return because it'll be like you never left.

6. Mind the Temp

Wherever you store the filters, keep the temperature somewhere between 35 and 85 degrees. Just make sure they can't freeze, and don't melt.

The BOROUX filters are truly incredible because they can last for so long! The filters can be wet, then dried out, stored for years, then be used again. The number of times they can be completely dried out and re-primed is indefinite.


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