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What is a Gravity-Fed Water Filter System?

Gravity is Powerful--Use it!

You may have heard of a BOROUX legacy system being referred to as a 'gravity filter'. But what does that mean? What is a gravity filter? The simple answer is that a gravity water filter system uses the force of gravity to pull water through the filter material.

A gravity-fed water filter system is a type of water filtration device that relies on the force of gravity to move water through a series of filtration stages. These systems typically consist of one or more chambers containing various filter media, such as activated carbon, ceramic, or hollow fiber membranes. The upper chamber is filled with untreated water, while the lower chamber collects the filtered water.

Each layer of media is designed to remove different types of contaminants, such as sediment, chemicals, and odors. Common filtration stages include sediment filters, activated carbon filters, and sometimes specialized filters for removing specific contaminants.

The filtered water collects in the lower chamber of the system, ready for use. This water is typically better for drinking, cooking, and other purposes compared to the untreated water.

The BOROUX gravity-fed water filter system has one upper chamber and one lower chamber. The black activated carbon BOROUX foundation filters are installed in the upper chamber. Water is poured into the upper chamber, and then gravity pulls the water down through the black filters and into the lower chamber. Drinking water can then be poured out from a spigot located at the base of the lower chamber. 

Similar to the common phrase, what goes up must come down; what goes in the upper chamber must go down into the lower chamber (minus common tap water contaminants). This concept is important to keep in mind when filling the upper chamber to prevent overflow.

No one wants spilled water all over their kitchen. To prevent leaking, make sure the lower chamber has enough available space for the water in the upper chamber to flow into. The best way to do this is to only fill the upper chamber when the lower chamber is completely empty. 

The greatest benefit to a gravity water filter is its ability to operate without electricity. No more messy cords or cumbersome batteries! BOROUX water filter systems function completely without electrical power. Gravity is never going to not work. However, it's essential to periodically clean and replace the filter media to ensure optimal performance and water quality. BOROUX foundation filters should be cleaned every 3-6 months, or if there's a noticeable slower flow, meaning the filters are clogged. 

Gravity-fed water filter systems are popular for their simplicity, ease of use, and independence from electricity or plumbing. These systems can provide reliable water filtration without the need for complicated installation or maintenance. 


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